Stories are published every day that describe the retreat of print journalism in all segments, including the business press. It’s costly to produce, intrinsically dated, and provides results that are virtually impossible to measure.

Not so with online publishing, which has been the strength of Internet-news pioneer Networld Media Group. From our founding more than a decade, we have optimized the most powerful tools on the Web to get results for our clients, and not only get them, but provide solid evidence in the form of statistics and powerful leads. From custom white papers to dedicated company showcase, our deliver.
Combined, Networld Media Group properties have more than 2 million page views a month.
Our industry-expert editors write daily news and in-depth features to make sure end-users and deployers of your products—your customers, in other words—come to our site often and are exposed to your message. 
Other publishers, who are even now grappling with how to make online journalism work for them, seldom go beyond offering banner ads to help clients spread their message. Networld employs everything from mini-web sites for clients to webinars to collaboratively produced white papers to help not only show your message, but to show your expertise and how you are the right provider at the right time to satisfy their growth needs.
Our Brands

The world’s only site dedicated exclusively to news and information about the ATM industry, focusing on related technology, trends and banking and regulatory issues.

Church Central
More than 20 experts in Church growth and management—including LifeWay CEO Thom Rainer—provide guidance on how Church leaders can inspire and expand the Kingdom’s reach.

A daily master class for businesses and other organizations that want to communicate better—and even add to the bottom line—with the digital screen media revolution.

Restaurateurs and other restaurant industry professionals can read and profit from daily news and information about this increasingly popular food segment.

For business executives who want to empower customers and employees to help themselves with technology, with focus on strategies for building ROI and user satisfaction.

Retailers and others can profit from employing the increasingly ubiquitous smart phone as a payment device.

From the mom-and-pop joints to the global empires such as Papa John’s and Pizza Hut, this site keeps operators and executives on top of the latest trends and business strategies.

This essential news and information center keeps the largest segment of the Unite States’ largest industry up to speed on what its executives need to know about trends, tool and competitors.

Retailers and even other businesses come here to learn how to maximize the only key differentiator in businesses that serve the public: the experience they have when they encounter their brand on the store floor, online or on the street.

Virtual currencies are being recognized by governments around the world and by financial institutions of all types across the globe. Technology providers are rapidly putting together the tools that are allowing virtual currencies to be used for nearly all transactions.

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