Windows 7 ATM Migration Guide
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Just published - Windows 7 ATM Migration Guide 

Myriad dangers await deployers who do not upgrade to Windows 7. Here's how to survive the migration, and why it is critical to start now.



With Microsoft due to end support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014, the race is on for ATM deployers to migrate their ATMs to Windows 7.

After April 2014, ATMs that have not been migrated to Windows 7 will no longer receive Microsoft security patches. As a result, they will face greater security risks and also be in breach of the PCI DSS security standard. Yet another motivation to switch is maintenance costs; as vendors migrate, XP-based resources will become increasingly scarce and therefore more expensive.

This detailed report delves into aspects such as:

  • Context
  • Comparison between Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Upgrades
  • ATM manufacturers

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This report contains:
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