Cash Box: The Invention and Globalization of the ATM
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Any historical account of banking, business, tech or self-service would be incomplete without the story of the ATM. Though invented almost five decades ago, this simple machine has survived competing technologies, evolving consumer habits and cultural shifts.
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Thoroughly researched and documented, Cash Box: The Invention and Globalization of the ATM guides you on a journey through the ancient origins of money to the sudden appearance of cash dispensers in the 1960s. The book unravels the machine’s invention story and reveals intriguing historical facts:

  • How the PIN came to be
  • Why IBM backed out of ATM manufacturing
  • How MasterCard and Visa inadvertently doubled the ATM footprint they now seek to suppress
  • How the machine has thrived despite massive regulation and fraud
  • The story of the global ATM Industry Association
  • Why so few non-cash ATM functions were accepted by consumers
  • The truth about the cashless society
This book will arm you with all the pertinent data you need to analyze the rise of the ATM industry’s various sectors, including cash management, security, transaction processing and software.
Whether you work in banking, research, cards, mobile, IT or any other aspect of the payment industry, Cash Box will round out your understanding of the global financial landscape and reacquaint you with the machine that brought cash to the masses.

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Newly updated: A comprehensive guide to the top legal, regulatory and financial challenges facing the ATM industry - with step-by-step solutions and checklists.

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